Natural Black Onyx (Oval Shape) & Lab Certified -8.25 Carat
  • Natural Black Onyx (Oval Shape) & Lab Certified -8.25 Carat
  • Natural Black Onyx (Oval Shape) & Lab Certified -8.25 Carat
  • Natural Black Onyx (Oval Shape) & Lab Certified -8.25 Carat
  • Natural Black Onyx (Oval Shape) & Lab Certified -8.25 Carat
  • Natural Black Onyx (Oval Shape) & Lab Certified -8.25 Carat

Natural Black Onyx (Oval Shape) & Lab Certified -8.25 Carat

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  • Improves sensory and motor nervous system.Green Onyx can help in the treatment of disorders that affect the nose, skin, eyes, and the abdomen.
  • It can also be useful in controlling your blood pressure and treating the ulcer.
  • It can be helpful in improving the condition of your teeth, hair, and bones as well.


  Product Origin : SOUTH AFRICA

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Natural Black Onyx 8.25 Carat @200

The BLACK Onyx Gemstone meaning physical healing. BLACK  Onyx is associated with Heart Chakra and the planet Mercury. It helps to develop your public speaking ability, creativeness and also encourage you to express your feelings and thoughts. This stone creates a bridge between the upper three chakras and lower three chakras.Green Onyx will stimulate your imagination and creativity. It’s also a very relaxing and calming stone that will alleviate your fears and give you comfort.

Having BLACK Onyx in your life will also give you a boost in your self-confidence, which will result in better decision making and emotional stability.

  • The energies of this stone will promote physical stamina and overall well-being.
  • BLACK  Onyx Gemstone is associated with your heart chakra and with the planet Mercury.
  • It will create a bridge between your upper and lower chakras.
  • It will help you develop your abilities in speaking in front of a crowd, and it will also inspire you to express your thoughts and feelings openly and confidently,
  • It will bring you energies of youth and fertility.
  • It will also strengthen your sense of balance, your physical endurance, and the bonds of your friendships.
  • It will make way for growth and renewal, and it will encourage you to become a more dependable person.
  • It has a very smooth texture, and a combination of the green and Onyx slide.
  • BLACK  Onyx Stone  is a member of the Quartz has different colors and various properties and characteristics.

It comes from the BLACK  Onyx stone and green shade, which is a kind of mineral that has a finer, more refined, and more organized structure.

BLACK  Onyx Stone Gemstones are very captivating. In fact, they’ve been in high demand for hundreds of years. These days, gemstone therapy is a quite popular approach to unconventional medicine or treatment. But apart from being utilized for physical healing, these stones are used for good luck, emotional and mental healing. Nevertheless, there are now lots of beautiful and powerful gemstones to choose from and one which is the Green Onyx. In this content, we will discuss the green onyx benefits, meanings, and properties so that you’ll have an idea of how great this stone is.

In the actual fact, Green Onyx is one variant of onyx stone. Muck like its sibling Black Onyx, BLACK  Onyx has an elegant and classy look as well as smooth texture. Other than that, it is also a powerful stone.

BLACK  Onyx Stone, on the other hand, is a Quartz’s member. What’s more, it has various colors and different characteristics and properties,

This fascinating gemstone is associated with the Mercury and heart chakra. Green Onyx may build a bond between your lower and upper chakras.

This BLACK  Onyx Stone showever, brings the needed energies for physical healing, particularly when combined with the March birthstone’s energies.  What‘s more, it may bring you some energies of fertility and youth.

On the other hand, Green Onyx may build up your feeling of balance and even the bonds of relationship or friendships and physical endurance. Even so, the stone signifies material success, growth, and abundance.

Furthermore, this gemstone may create a way for renewal and development and it motivates the owner to become a dependable individual.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a stunning gemstone that invites both relaxation and calmness in life, then Green Onyx is perfect for you. In fact, it can offer you a sharper mind and at the same time a clear vision.When it comes to boosting self-confidence this stone can also help you a lot. During stressful and challenging times, it is also beneficial thanks to its soothing elements. Actually, will offer relief from your mental, emotional, and physical stresses

BLACK  Onyx Benefits

BLACK  Onyx is valuable in treating ulcers and controlling the blood pressure. But apart from that, it also helps in the treatment of illnesses or disorders which affect the abdomen, eyes, skin, and the nose.

If you want to enhance the condition of your bones teeth, as well as your hair, then Green Onyx is the ideal stone for you.

BLACK  Onyx Stone may fill you with energies of acceptance, sympathy, and love. But nevertheless, it’s associated with the heart chakra opens the heart to unrestricted love.

BLACK  Onyx Stone may also stir you to become more sensitive about the needs of the people you love the most. With that said, you will be able to avoid misunderstandings as well as conflicts.

During times of mental and physical stress or during hard times, you can always count on BLACK  Onyx. This gemstone can offer you enough support and strength to overcome any challenges in your life.

Its green and soothing color will offer the owner both positive and strong feelings. Nevertheless, if you want to improve the status of your relationship then Green Onyx is the right gemstone for you.

BLACK  Onyx Stone can also be very beneficial when your job requires you to face the public and interact with people on a daily basis.

It will boost your confidence and improve your communication skills.

It will inspire you to say the right words in any given situation and be more sympathetic to others.

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